About Us

Due to trademark regulations our Amadeus wines are marketed in some countries under the name of Ayana. Ayana is one of the most beautiful bays of the Bozcaada island which is located opposite of Troja. The Austrian Gareis family wich moved to Turkey in the early 60’s and settled down in Bozcaada (also know as Tenedos in the Antique) mid 90’s. Situated at the exit of the Dardanels and opposite of Troja, Bozcaada has always been a very important strategic place in history.

It was the island and the waters around, from where the Greeks attacked Troja, and the place where troups were posted to control the Dardanels during WW1. This Turkish island which belonged to Greece before the Lausanne Treaty has even in the Antique been famous for its wines. In this historic context and with the love for good wines the Gareis family started to produce wine for its own consumption.

Shortly after, these wines have been known as one of the best on the island. With this courage the family decided to set up a winery and to enter this business professionaly. With the help of our local team and foreign experts the first wine have been sold in 2011. The goal is and will always be to process only the best grapes in a restricted quantity in order to produce high quality wines.